What's your Jewellery worth to you ?

With inflation and rising costs as it is, you could find that your jewellery is vastly undervalued. If you lose it you might not be covered by insurance to replace it.

And unfortunately the chances of it being lost or stolen seem to be increasing.

But now Strachans Jewellers can help you. Call in and we'll give you an expert valuation of your jewellery. Valuations are carried out on the premises.

If you wish we'll also advise and quote on any repair, restyling or modernisation which may be required.

Our guidance could give you real peace of mind and that's certainly worth having! We'll be happy to see you and you can depend on our best attention.

Jewellery Repairs

Jewellery repair, be it a simple soldering or setting a new diamond, is a job for an expert. In our workshops we have craftsmen experienced in all types of repair who offer both expert advice and professional skills.

If you have older precious pieces of Jewellery you feel are outdated, bring them along to us for advice on remodelling - estimates are free.

We buy unwanted Gold and Silver

We buy unwanted gold and may have a small fortune lying around in broken bits and pieces!!

  • Gold Bracelets, Pendants and Chains
  • Gold Dress Rings
  • Gold Signet Rings
  • Gold Earrings
  • Any Broken Jewellery
  • Silver


Engraving adds a personal  touch to your jewellery. We offer hand-engraving or machine-engraving.